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BALM! Baby

BALM! Baby - Teething Rescue Kit

BALM! Baby - Teething Rescue Kit

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Choose Base Flavor for Bye Bye Teething TINCTURE


Teething Tincture Ingredients:
Vinegar base: ALL NATURAL and HERBAL: Organic apple cider vinegar, organic chamomile and catnip.
Glycerin base: ALL NATURAL and HERBAL: Organic vegetable glycerin (derived from soy, maize or mustard), distilled water, organic chamomile and catnip

Teething Rub Ingredients: ALL NATURAL and HERBAL: Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic chamomile, organic catnip, clove buds, natural tocopherol (vitamin E), and clove bud pure essential oil*.

*This product contains clove bud essential oil in amounts LESS than recommended by top leading aromatherapists.

Disclaimer: These statements and/or products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Information on this website is not intended to provide medical information and does not claim to prevent, cure or treat any disease. Always speak to your healthcare advisor about any health concerns.

How to use

For the Bye Bye Teething Tincture:
Help Calm little minds (and big ones too) and help relieve pain due to teething. Add to bottle, cup or spoon, or squirt directly into mouth. If squirting into mouth, squirt down and to the side towards cheek. Give up to 1 FULL dropper to baby (amounts will depend on age and child - adjust as needed) - add to bottle / cup if desired. Use up to several times a day as needed.

***Add 1/8 - 1/2 tsp. to water, juice or milk, or give straight from tsp./ dropper
If giving straight from dropper try to avoid contact with child's mouth to avoid contamination.

Recommended (to keep longer): Refrigerate after opening (but not necessary).

For the Teething RUB:
DROP BALM! Baby Teething RUB on those sore, inflamed gums and fussy little baby of yours! Help Calm little minds (and big ones too) and help relieve pain due to teething. Shake Well then Rub a dab up to 1/8 tsp. directly on gums (amount will depend on each child - adjust as needed, Use up to several times a day as needed.

Extra Info

But, they are not just for teething, here are our Favorite Hacks:
Bye Bye Teething, Hello Sleep Teething Tincture: Great for ALL ages to help sleep; including us adults who have those nights where we just can't get our minds to shut off 💤 Take 1-2TBS, adjust as needed 😉⠀See our downloadable dosage / usage chart below for more!

Teething rub: Trip to the dentist? Just before getting any work done, rub on gums & tooth in the area the work will be done to help calm & slightly numb that area. ♡

Teething Rescue Kit

 Our Organic Teething Rescue Kit is the perfect combo for teething pain & inflammation. 

** The Teething Tincture is best for teeth that are moving under the gums, or anytime your little one needs help being soothed and calmed.

** The Teething Rub is best for teeth actively cutting through gums.

Which base should I choose?   

Our Organic vegetable glycerin base, which is natural, sweet to taste and gentle on sensitive stomachs. 

Our Organic apple cider vinegar base is not derived in any way and contains no known allergens.  Best option if you baby has acid reflux (but will not have a sweet taste like the vegetable glycerin).

Age recommendation: 6+ months.  Under 6 months, check with your health care provider.   


  Get our downloadable dosage / usage chart for more hacks+info!


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