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Elevated FAQs

Why not plastic containers, what's the big deal?

Plastic poses 2 serious issues. 1: To our Planet - Plastic NEVER breaks down. Yes, it can be down-cycled, but what most don't realize is that it can only be down-cycled so many times until it just stays in our ecosystem / oceans / landfills / etc. FOREVER. Not for 2 generations, but for ALL generations to come. 2: To our healthPlastic is FULL off unsafe toxins. BPA is actually NOT safe & in some studies has proven to be worse. But that is just one of the many toxins in plastic. We just haven't been exposed to the threats of the others. Do your research, we did & as a company we would never want to put you or your Family's health in jeapordy. Instead, we are a company who offers safe, sustainable, eco-friendly containers for products going on the largest organ of your body, your skin!

What is Rear Clear used for?

Rear Clear is like a master "instant-wipe," it helps clean everything quickly, efficiently, and effortlessly, as well as moisturize, heal, and freshen.  It's AMAZING for:  IBS, hemorrhoids, itching, dryness, bleeding, sores, etc.

You say contact you if a product is not working for me.  Do you really mean that?

Absolutely!  We say that and mean it!  We want our products to help you, we never want you to waste your money on a product.  That said, there are MANY factors to our products not working, often including lifestyle (eg food).  We will do everything we can to help get our products working for you.  Depending on the situation, in the event they just don't work for you, we will refund you.

Why is the Pits! Deodorant giving me a rash?

Most likely, it is the baking soda, as many are sensitive to it. If you are experiencing issues, please contact us, we want our products to work for you and will do our best to help that to happen.


Pits deodorant gave me a rash, do I just throw it out now?

No, there are many things you can do with it still, even if it is giving you a rash.  One idea is to gift it.  Another, is to use on less sensitive places, such as feet. Last, it makes a GREAT shave cream. It will be washed off, so it won’t cause any irritations. TIP (if you use as shave crab): it will need to be run under strong pressure and/or hot water to not clog razor, as it is super full of moisturizers.


I'm allergic to tree nuts, can I use your products?

YES! We customize EVERY order to meet certain skin needs. When shopping, simply choose your ingredients option from the option box.

I'm allergic to gluten/wheat, can I use your products?

YES! All of our products are gluten & wheat free! Customers with celiacs disease love our products for this!

What are the "gritty" pieces in my balm?

Sometimes you will see little "grains" in our balms. This is due to it cooling & heating many times because we use all natural ingredients. Doesn't harm anything & should melt right on skin it's being put on (;

How can I use the skin repair for 1st aid too? Won't that contaminate it?

There is no contamination happening in the jar; it is PACKED full of what we like to call "the GOOD anti-s" (anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral), etc. The only thing that MAY contaminate is if it is a YEAST related skin issue, then you want to keep EVERYTHING separate from the rash (yeast is highly contagious).

Why does my PITS container look half full?

PITS! contains shea butter & may melt in the hot months. If it does melt, it is still af full 2oz.. However, instead of looking "full" it now is just concentrated & dense; so we advise using a little less to make up for this.

Is your sunscreen water resistant, SPF30, and safe for lips?

Yes, yes & yes!  It is water resistant (may need to be re-applied, depending on water activities, but holds up for awhile), and is truly SPF30.  It is also safe to use on your LIPS!   As a small company, we cannot pay the super high fees to get it tested.  That said, it was expert formulated to be SPF30, and customers have been using it effectively for 11 years now, in every region of the world (from Australia, to Hawaii).

Are your products organic?

Yes! They contain organic ingredients (where this applies) and come from sustainable sources, that are ethical & NON-GMO. Our main ingredients are from Hawaii, USA & if you've ever been from Hawaii, you will know a coconut tree (our main ingredient in most of our products) doesn't need pesticides or chemicals to grow healthy. Most of our natural ingredients are organic by the nature of their environment.

What are the black specks in my balm...is that mold?

The black specks you may see are what we call "the goods!" Seriously;they are herbs from our herbal infusion. Our products are the real deal; mother earth's healing herbs truly infused into mother earth's oils. We leave a bit in there b/c they are so good for your skin! So if you see black specks, feel blessed (: