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About our Shipping, Manufacturing + FAQS

About our Shipping:

We SHIP ALL our orders sustainably!  This means that we REUSE packing supplies. We CAN ship 100% plastic-free on MOST items, but some are required to have bubble wrap & such (which ends up being more sustainable, as otherwise would break in transit). Most is recycled / reused, we rarely have new plastic shipping supplies.  It is a main priority to us to produce MINIMAL to ZERO-Waste in our manufacturing and shipping practices.

Hopefully one day there will be no plastic to even recycle, but until then, we keep it out of our oceans and landfills by re-using! MAHALO for being a part of this!

Plastic-Free doesn't always look pretty.  But, that's ok, because we are keeping our planet pretty, and that is more important to us.  We hope you agree!  That said, we do offer aesthetically pleasing gift boxes and bags that are plastic-free for those special occasions.

*Photos by Plastic Free Dad

About our Manufacturing:

We have had high manufacturing standards from the beginning (11 years ago) because our purpose for starting our business was to offer bodycare in plastic free packaging and help educate and raise the bar for other businesses to do the same (esp. big ones, as that is where most of the issues are).  

We started in the Bay Area, CA and became friends with Beth Terry (author of ‘My plastic free life”), and learned a lot from her and her research, which we have implemented into our entire process, which we call ‘close looped systems,’ meaning that we create as little waste as possible and have our processes come full circle.

Shipping FAQs

Do you ship plastic free?

YES! We offer this option. Simply let us know you want us to "Ship Plastic Free" in the message box upon checkout.  We will do our BEST to ship plastic free.  However, there are some laws we have to follow, such as shipping in plastic sealable bags if the item is liquid, as not to have it break and ruin other's packages.  That said, we ONLY use recycled plastic in these cases.

You don't store your product in plastic containers, yet I received a plastic shipping supplies in my shipment.  Why?

We never buy plastic shipping supplies. Any NON plastic-free shipping supplies you received would have been recycled. We even pick up bubble wrap from stores that have excess amounts, so please keep it recycling if you can (since' it's already been produced).