About our Shipping & Manufacturing

About our Shipping:

We ship orders as sustainably as we can!  What does that mean?  We use:

  • Recyclable cardboard boxes with paper tape
  • Recyclable paper and/or cardboard
  • Water soluble/biodegradable packing peanuts made of corn and potato starch

While we love to ship all of our orders 100% Plastic-Free, shipping carriers require liquids over 4oz to be enclosed in plastic bags in case of breakage and potential damage to other packages.   And we occasionally use USPS Priority Mail envelopes to get orders to you quickly.

Plastic-Free doesn't always look pretty.  But, that's ok, because we are keeping our planet pretty, and that is more important to us.  We hope you agree!  

It's a main priority to us to produce MINIMAL to ZERO-Waste in our manufacturing and shipping practices.   Hopefully one day there will be no plastic to even recycle! 


About our Manufacturing:

We've had high manufacturing standards from the beginning (over 14 years ago) and follow Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations.  Our purpose has always been to offer body care in plastic free packaging and help educate and raise the bar for other businesses big and small to do the same.  All of our products are proudly hand crafted, with high quality ingredients, in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.