Shipping, Returns, and Sales

We are highly commited to our customers. Your satisfaction is important to us and communication is always open. We hope your experience with us will be enjoyable and hope to gain your confidence as a returning customer.

Sales, Discounts & Donations

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Free Shipping on ALL orders over $50! (within the USA). Orders shipped outside of the US will receive a discount on all orders over $50.

• COUPON CODES: Coupon codes cannot be applied when certain shop sales are running. Coupon codes are generally not valid on sale items.

• DONATIONS: When you order from TAYLOR'S you are giving back to your personal environments as well as our shared environments because we use 100% PURE & NATURAL ingredients and sustainable, eco-friendly containers.

In addition, we regularly pick an organization or campaign that we donate to; whether it be for Children in need, Ocean Conservation, Cruelty Free, Cloth Diapers or another, we very carefully research & choose an organization that we can pay it forward to. So THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for paying it forward with us & keeping the Giving Going!


We keep it sustainable, even in our Shipping. We offer shipping with re-purposed materials (these are clean shipping materials we receive from suppliers).

We NEVER buy new plastic shipping materials.  All the new shipping materials we purchase are plastic-free, including our Paper Tape and bio-degradable peanuts. 

Hopefully one day there will be minimal plastic to recycle, but until then, we keep it out of our oceans & landfills by re-using!  We encourage you to re-use what you can! MAHALO for being a part of restoring a balance to our shared Earth & Environments!

If we are ever out of stock, Please visit one of our valued local or online retailers (SEARCH HERE) for more product availability

During any BIG Sales, orders may take longer to ship (up to 1 week), due to large amounts of orders. We make all our products in small batches.  Quality takes time!
Shipping ETD (estimated time of delivery to you) is 2-5 business days after order has shipped.
Please make sure your mailing address is correct so that there is no delay or extra charge for any re-shipped orders.

Refunds & Exchanges

Due to the nature of our products, we cannot accept returns *except on items such as tinctures with un-open tamper-evident seals. This is due to the fact that we cannot, morally sell a product once it has left our hands & sending any item back to us would not be sustainable, as it would not be cost / time effective for our customers & our business. Therefore, all sales are final.

•Subscriptions:  All our return policies apply to subscriptions.  If you need to edit or cancel your subscription you may do so at ANY time, no questions asked.  You do so via your "My Account Page" on our website here:  Click on the "Manage Subscription" link, it should like something like this:


If you need any help editing or canceling your subscription, please contact us immediately.  We are NOT responsible for any subscriptions sent out that a customer did not contact us on.  In some cases (depending on product, etc.), we may be able to have you return products for a refund, MINUS any shipping fees.

Although it is rare, sometimes products are damaged during transit. We pack our products according to shipping standards, but still, sometimes during transit things happen. For this reason, we INSURE all orders so if this does happen, please contact us immediately with pictures of the damage so that we may submit them to the carrier used. 
If you have any questions before ordering, simply contact us & we'll get right back to you. Sometimes things happen, so we do accept returns/exchanges if it is an error on our part. *Prior approval needed for any return/exchange. If return/exchange is approved as an error in our part, we will send you a return shipping label. Regardless, if you have any concerns, please contact us & we will find the best solution possible. 

Customer Service

Our mottos are Quality, Integrity & Appreciation. We strive to make sure every product is of the highest quality & strive to be as sustainable as we can with our products, eco-system & relationship with our customers. We try to provide as much information as we can about our products. So please contact us before ordering if you have any questions about a product.

Disclaimer & Product Safety

Many of our products consist of nut oils, herbs and essential oils. Please read labels for ingredient list if any allergies are present.  Test all products on a small patch of skin to check for any sensitivities.