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Sugar Scrub & Bath Soak Set

Sugar Scrub & Bath Soak Set

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Bath Soak
Sugar Scrub


VEGAN - Toxin Free - Natural - Handcrafted
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Pamper - Relax - Heal - Receive

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Extra Info

We strive to be a sustainable company in both our manufacturing and shipping practices. We source only the best high quality ingredients and keep our recipes simple to avoid any unnecessary additives. We ship using only biodegradable or recyclable materials.

Get Elevated!

ELEVATED Bath Soaks are PREMIUM; loaded with magnesium, nutrient and herb-rich, filled with sea and Epsom salts, and CRYSTAL INFUSED!

YES, we take it to the ELEVATED LEVEL!

** This soak includes Healing Dried Herbs that float in your luxurious bath. For easy clean up you can put soak ingredients in a muslin/cheese cloth pouch (included) or use strainer to remove herbs after bath.   If you wish to have your soak completely dissolve with no clean up choose "Clear" from options.

Zero-Waste * 100% Pure & Natural * Magnesium packed * Nutrient Rich * Vegan * Cruelty-Free * Crystal-Infused


Our Sugar Scrubs are perfect any time of the year to nourish, moisturize, and exfoliate your body's biggest organ your skin!

Our scrubs are infused with our proprietary herbal blend that will nourish, cleanse, and heal your skin! We use organic cane sugar to make the perfect exfoliating scrub!

Users RAVE about how moisturizing our scrubs are!  They have glowing reviews when used before spray tans, as they DEEPLY moisturize, allowing for a more consistent spray & extend the life of the tan!

Pamper that body, whether it be yourself, or a friend, or family member; you all deserve it!  Especially great in dry climates!  Our sugar scrub is super moisturizing, and many users don't even need a moisturizer on their skin after using!

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