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ELEVATED - Massage Oil Herbal Macadamia Nut

ELEVATED - Massage Oil Herbal Macadamia Nut

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We start with our, High quality, RAW Macadamia Nut oil; an oil that is highly desirable for massage, as it penetrates the skin perfectly and acts very similar to the oils in our skin.

We then infuse it into our special blend of mother nature's most healing herbs.

Last, we finalize it's magic by blending our therapeutic blend of pure essential oils into the mix and WALA! You have some seriously natural massage oil for those seriously natural bods!

Of course, we store it in only the best; Glass. Comes with easy to pour top, smooth ergonomic designed bottle and metal cap. No yucky plastic here {we don't do plastic}.

Massage Oil - Herbal Macadamia Nut - 12.7oz Glass
* Moisturize * Heal * Nourishes
__ High rated, high quality massage oil
__ Properties and Benefits: Moisturizing, nourishing, healing
__ Stored in: Glass
__ Available in: 12.7oz
__ Purity Tested /Quality Assured
__ Organic and Natural, Packaged in the USA
__ Non-Greasy


Directions: Apply as an all over body moisturizer. Use on entire body, including face. Creates shine & glow & soothes skin. We know it smells good enough to eat, and it wouldn't kill you, but it might upset your tummy just a little, so save it for the skin and senses!
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