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ELEVATED - Stinky SHOE Deodorant Spray

ELEVATED - Stinky SHOE Deodorant Spray

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All Natural Ingredients:
Distilled Water, Alcohol, pure essential oil blend

How to use

Simply spray the inside of shoes and let dry.

For best results use as preventative/maintenance and start use before your shoes get stinky.
If your shoes are already stinky, please be patient. Use several sprays everynight and give it time to work.
The stinkier your shoes are the more sprays you will need.

Extra Info

Deodorize you Shoes!

Do you work on your feet ALL day just to come home to stinky shoes?
Do you get ready in the morning and go to put your shoes on and find they they are smelly from the day before?

You NEED SHOE Spray - Shoe Deodorant!

Created for Men, Women, Boys and Girls ~ Anyone with Smelly Stinky Shoes.

Specially formulated using all natural ingredients that will help dry, kill bacteria and eliminate odors.

Available in 4 oz glass bottle with sprayer or 8 oz REFILL

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