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ELEVATED - Rear Clear Spray - Toilet Paper Spray • Instant "wet-wipe"

ELEVATED - Rear Clear Spray - Toilet Paper Spray • Instant "wet-wipe"

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Non-alcohol witch hazel, distilled water, *extra virgin olive oil, *calendula, *chamomile, *comfrey, *chickweed, lemon balm, *rosemary, vitamin E, and essential oils depending on scent. ESSENTIAL OILS: After Dinner Mint scent = Peppermint oil | Bear-able scent = pine & lavender oils | Load of Lavender scent = Lavender oil | Lemon Squeeze scent = *Lemon oil | Smells Like Roses scent = Rose Geranium oil | Unscented = no oil. *ORGANIC

How to use

Shake well and a few sprays on toilet paper makes an instant flushable wet wipe that is free of harsh ingredients. A little goes a long way - too much and the toilet paper may begin to break down. Start with 2-3 sprays to see what works best for you.

Extra Info

Sustainable Shipping: We keep it sustainable, even in our Shipping. We NEVER buy new plastic shipping materials. Any plastic used is repurposed (keeping it out of landfills) from clean materials we receive from our suppliers. We use corn starch peanuts that are water soluble & biodegradable. Cardboard Boxes and Paper Tape!

Rear Clear Toilet Paper Moistener Spray

Eco-Friendly & Soothing - Flushable Wet Wipe Alternative 

Rear Clear is designed for the "rear" and is a natural and non-polluting alternative to wet wipes.  This is everyone's #2 Life Saver.   Spray on regular toilet paper or a cloth wipe with Rear Clear for a more natural, eco-friendly, alternative to wet wipes. 

Did you know ’flushable’ wet wipes are not really flushable?  They Just clog up sewer and septic systems!  While flushable wipes do flush and go down the drain, they don’t disintegrate the way toilet paper does.  In fact, the hold together better than paper towels. So, you can see why they become a problem for septic tanks and sewage systems.  Save yourself a call to the plumber and use a natural, eco-friendly toilet paper spray instead!

Not only is Elevated Rear Clear safe for plumbing systems – it is good for your behind.  It keeps the ‘rear clear’, while it freshens, moisturizes, soothes, and even helps clear the (not so pleasant) #2 aromas.

Rear Clear is perfect for travel, office and home use.  Great for boaters and RV users with RV toilet tissue. A must have for campers and travelers so you can keep clean and fresh On the Go!

 Freshens the fanny.  Soothes the stinker.

  • Natural, eco-friendly, non-polluting alternative to wet wipes
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil infused with healing herbs, non-alcohol witch hazel, and essential oils work to Cleanse and Soothe
  • 2oz Amber Glass with Fine Mister Sprayer
  • 100% natural and organic ingredients 
  • Naturally scented with essential oils
  • Soothe hemorrhoids
  • Vegan & Leaping Bunny Certified
  • Sewer and septic system safe
  • Like all Taylor’s Naturals products – Rear Clear is handcrafted with the highest quality ingredients in small batches in the USA to ensure quality.

Need a Refill size? Like to save $$ by buying larger sizes? Or looking for a 100% plastic-free option?   Click Refills for 8oz and 16oz sizes in glass bottles.

Disclaimer:  Discontinue use if irritation occurs (which is rare with natural products).  Try the Unscented formula.


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