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ELEVATED - Puanani Paste (feminine paste) - 2oz.

ELEVATED - Puanani Paste (feminine paste) - 2oz.

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Designed for the Ladies, Puanani Paste is every Girl's Bestie when anything funky is going on DOWN THERE! Especially good for after birth care, sores, dryness, Moon Cycle Time, or anytime your sacred puanani needs comfort.

Puanani Paste
Heals {down there}.Free of no-no's.Effective

Use On:  Your sweet puanani {you know---> 'down there'} Great for post partum care, rips and tears from child birth, perineal massage, all natural lube, vaginal dryness and all other owies.

Directions: Apply just a small amount {a dab will do ya!} directly on any sore, irritated, dry areas and gently rub in. No need to wipe off. Apply as needed; especially effective before sleep.

ALL Organic Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive oil, Herbal Blend, virgin, raw, organic cocoa butter, virgin, raw, organic shea butter, candelilla wax, (when scent is chosen) French lavender essential oil and Vitamin E.

Here is more info. on our feminine care products & feminine health:

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