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ELEVATED - PITS! {SUPER Sensitive} Natural Deodorant - 2oz

ELEVATED - PITS! {SUPER Sensitive} Natural Deodorant - 2oz

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Ingredients: Organic raw shea butter, organic extra virgin olive oil, virgin macadamia nut oil, organic virgin coconut oil, organic calendula, lemon balm, organic comfrey, olrganic rosemary, organic ancient black seed oil, non-gmo arrowroot, essential oil blend (see below), and magnesium oil.

Essential oil blends Ingredients:
Earl Gray: Bergamot, lavender, and lemongrass
Vanilla Grapefruit: Grapefruit essential oil and pure vanilla bean
Balanced: Clary Sage, lavender, and rosemary

How to use

Apply 1-2 times daily. Use sparingly (a little goes a long day). Repeat if necessary.

Use On Use On those funky, stinky, sweaty, irritated, razor-burned Pits and Feet of yours!

*Your body can get "used to" essential oil blends. Switch it up every once in awhile with a new scent and you should have no problem. Keeps things nice and balanced (;
Our super sensitive formula is most effective when combined with our PITS Spray. We recommend rotating with our PITS Spray Natural Deodorant. Our favorite routine is the spray at night to kill any odor causing bacteria and the cream during the day! Works like a charm ♦

Extra Info

All our products are All Natural, Vegan, NON-GMO, Gluten Free Cruelty Free & Leaping Bunny Certified.
We strive for Zero-Waste in our sustainable manufacturing. We use glass and recycled aluminum packaging, only using plastic for pumps and sprayers. We continue our sustainable practices in our shipping. We do NOT purchase any new plastic materials and use corn starch peanuts and paper tape!

 Elevated Body Care Super Sensitive PITS All Natural Deodorant

This is our SUPER Sensitive Formula (baking soda free) for those who have sensitive pits! This natural deodorant is full of powerful deodorizing properties. Packed full of herbal infused healthy oils, soothing shea butter and essential oils, it is no wonder customers rave about its effectiveness!

Offers hours of protection! A MUST HAVE for anyone who doesn't want harmful ingredients in their PITS!

ELEVATED Body Care PITS! {Super Sensitive formula} Natural Deodorant
SUPER Sensitive Formula. Free of no-no's. Effective
• 2 oz / 60 ml infinitely recyclable, leach free Glass Jar
• FREE OF NO-NO's: Pure * Natural * Organic * Scented w/ Pure EOs * Paraben Free * Fragrance Free * Aluminum Free * Plastic Free * Vegan * Raw * Paleo * Cruelty Free * Synthetic Free
• Artisan HANDCRAFTED & Made in the USA.
• HERBAL and PLASTIC FREE: Our Herbal Blend makes ELEVATED Natural Deodorant healing while deodorizing. Our Plastic Free Container is Leech FREE and has a metal cap, making it the Healthiest and Safest for Your Body and our Shared Planet.
•  Cruelty Free and VEGAN (Ingredients and finished products NOT tested on animals - Leaping Bunny Certified)

DETOXIFY your Environments, inside and out with ELEVATED Natural Ingredients and Leach FREE containers!

WHAT MAKES ELEVATED PITS the Best Natural Deodorant:

SAFEST and Most SUSTAINABLE: Plastic FREE means the SAFEST and most SUSTAINABLE to your body and our shared Planet. You NEVER have to worry about this harming your health due to leaching! Plus it’s the most eco-friendly to our planet. BPA FREE is NO SAFER or better for our bodies or Planet! A MUST HAVE for anyone who doesn't want harmful ingredients OR chemicals from containers in their bodies and those who want the best for our Planet.

HERBAL Blend: TAYLOR’S PITS is formulated w/ an herbal blend full of deodorizing properties, making it a powerful natural deodorant. It also allows us to offer 2 versions: Full strength and Super Sensitive, so even the most sensitive can stay Natural.

High Vibes Healing: We infuse every single batch not only w/ our proprietary herbal blend, but with High Vibes and Intentions. Don't underestimate the power of High Vibes Healing!

*Your body can get used to essential oil blends. Switch it up every once in awhile with a new scent or our spray and you should have no problem. Keeps things nice and balanced (;
Our favorite routine is to use the spray at night to get rid of any odor causing bacteria then apply the cream during the day.  Works like a charm ♥♦♥♦

ATT: During Summer/Warm Months this item only ships Monday/Tuesdays.  Please don't allow it to sit in the heat for long (mailboxes, cars, etc.). It is a whipped item, so product may melt and consistency may not be as desirable (although product will still be effective).

***We do NOT use any synthetic/unhealthy binders and only use RAW/Virgin Butters.  If melting does occur, the product is still usable.  Simply stir and place in refrigerator until firm.  It will no longer have a "light & fluffy" appearance, but will still be effective.
If this will be disappointing to you, please consider purchasing during cooler months or our PITS Stick.


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