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ELEVATED - Facial Kit (3 step)

ELEVATED - Facial Kit (3 step)

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This is our 3 step facial kit. It is the perfect solution to maintaining or gaining the perfect complexion, keeping your face healthy and happy.

Facial Kit Includes:
  1. Hawaiian Facial Wash {Step 1}
  2. Hawaiian Facial Toner {Step 2}
  3. Hawaiian Facial Moisturizer {Step 3} 

  1. Cleanse with Step 1 (Hawaiian Facial Wash)
  2. Tone with Step 2 Shake well and mist face and neck 3-6 times with eyes and mouth closed. Breathe in deep for therapeutic benefits. Let dry. Use a cotton round to dry completely, if needed.
  3. Follow with Step 3 our ELEVATED Facial Moisturizer when moisturizer is needed

For deep cleaning and exfoliating, check out our facial masks!

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