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ELEVATED - PITS! Detox Balancing SPRAY - 2oz

ELEVATED - PITS! Detox Balancing SPRAY - 2oz

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Distilled water, apple cider vinegar, herbal blend, colloidal silver, magnesium

How to use

Shake and Spray on underarms when going through a detox or simply needing to be BALANCED! Let dry completely. Apply PITS! deodorant (or any other natural deodorant you may be using) and repeat for a week.
If the above does not work:
• Take 1 week off from deodorant and use the detox spray ONLY.
• After 1 week has passed, stop the spray and begin using the deodorant again.

Extra Info

ZERO WASTE & Sustainable from start to finish: We keep it sustainable, even in our Shipping. We NEVER buy new plastic shipping materials. Any plastic used is repurposed (keeping it out of landfills) from clean materials we receive from our suppliers. We use corn starch peanuts that are water soluble & biodegradable. Cardboard Boxes and Paper Tape!

 PITS! Detox Balancing Deodorant SPRAY! 
All Natural.  Detoxes.   Balances.  Effective.

There are way too many of us giving up on natural deodorant because it's such a hard transition to get through with endless variables; and that made us sad!  So we created our PITS! Detox Balancing Spray to help the transition be a lot easier with less variables.

Having a bad reaction after switching to a Natural Deodorant? 

If you just switched - or switched a bit ago and are starting to stink, itch, or have other unwanted issues, try this spray!  It may be the perfect solution for you!

  • 2oz Amber Glass with Fine Mist Spray
  • Helps to detox the armpits effectively
  • Helps to balance the armpits during transitions from un-natural deodorants to natural ones.
  • Organic and Natural, Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Vegan and Cruelty Free (Leaping Bunny Certified)
  • Like all Taylor’s Naturals products – PITS Detox Deodorant Spray is handcrafted with high quality ingredients in small batches in the USA to ensure quality.

Disclaimer:  Some ingredients may irritate skin, especially if allergic. May irritate if just shaved, but more often it is reported as soothing instead.  If irritation occurs, stop using on armpits.  (You can also use it on feet as a deodorizer.)

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