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BALM! Baby

BALM! Baby - Teeth Paste Natural Kids Toothpaste w/ xylitol - Plastic Free jar

BALM! Baby - Teeth Paste Natural Kids Toothpaste w/ xylitol - Plastic Free jar

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100% Natural Ingredients:

Mint Flavor Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, NON-GMO xylitol, distilled water, pure peppermint oil (Grown in the USA), NON-GMO xanthan gum, and tocopherol (Vit. E).

Orange Flavor Ingredients: Calcium carbonate, NON-GMO xylitol, distilled water, pure organic orange oil, NON-GMO xanthan gum, and tocopherol (Vit. E).

How to use

Use a small amount (pea size or smaller). Not much is needed. Brush thoroughly and rinse. Use applicator (spoon, etc) if desired, or dip directly into the jar with a toothbrush. ***REPLACE LID when done to avoid drying out. Ask your healthcare professional on what age is recommended to start using our toothpaste.

Extra Info

Q: What are the little crystal pieces in my tooth paste?
A: It doesn’t happen often, but our teeth paste can crystallize because we don’t use any synthetic binders, and the xylitol can separate and crystalize. (This usually happens if the container is not kept closed.) Our kids love it and call them ‘sweet crunchies’ (and they are good for enamel). So, it is ok to use.

That said, if it is on a newer jar and you don't care for the consistency, please contact us immediately, and we will send you a replacement.

Q: I've ordered the teeth paste before, and the flavor tastes different. Is it ok?
A: Crops can and do change. This is the nature of 100% pure and natural products. Our ingredients are not made in a lab (not synthetic), so this can vary the product, especially notable in taste and smell. As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns

Our Kids Fluoride Free ToothPaste is Dentist approved!  Plus, did you know that xylitol protects teeth from cavities?    Adults can use our Teeth Paste, or try our Adult Toothpaste that also contains xylitol!

This is our Kids "teeth" paste, and although our own kids call it "sugar paste" we can assure you this is Sugar FREE! It's just THAT sweet!
Sweetened with xylitol, it is great for little mouths, so sweet, your little ones will be asking to brush! Plus, studies are proving more and more every day that xylitol is healthy for teeth! Yay! Everybody wins!
Cleans teeth and gums and keeps teeth protected and strong. Vegan and 100% NATURAL!

Available in 2 fun flavors: Sweet Orange & Fresh Mint!

*** If purchasing the REFILL, Please be advised:  Do NOT dip into our refill teeth / tooth pastes, please distribute into smaller jars as a refill to avoid any possible contamination and to maintain freshness (prevent xylitol from crystalizing). 

Container: Stored in Glass with metal cap, this baby is Plastic FREE! If there isn't plastic in it, there will never be any plastic in you, or your little ones! (Health Safe, Planet Conscious)

BALM! Baby Teeth Paste - 2 fl. oz. (3.5 oz Net Wt.) Glass Jar
Kid approved. Tastes Great. Cleans and Protects

  • Zero-Waste, Plastic-FREE container! 
  • ALL Natural - Chemical Free
  • Artisan Handcrafted in small batches - Made in the USA
  • Vegan and Cruelty FREE - Leaping Bunny Certified
  • Sugar FREE, NO Artificial Sweeteners/Flavors - sweetened with Xylitol
  • Glycerin FREE * SLS FREE * Carrageenan Free * Gluten FREE * Fluoride FREE * Plastic FREE Packaging
  • Kids Love it!
  • Stored in a GLASS jar (leach FREE and infinitely recyclable + 100% HEALTH SAFE) 
  • We don't compromise when it comes to our ecosystem!
  • (Pretty Much, BALM! Baby)

We THANK YOU all who are doing your part to help reduce waste in this world!.

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