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BALM! Baby

BALM! Baby - FRESH out of the TUB - Baby Wash & Shampoo + bubble bath

BALM! Baby - FRESH out of the TUB - Baby Wash & Shampoo + bubble bath

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All Natural ♥
Vegan - Non GMO - Gluten Free - Toxin Free
Saponified Virgin, raw, macadamia nut oil and, organic coconut oil, distilled water pure, organic orange & French lavender essential oils.

How to use

Use on that sweet little kiddo of yours! Suds up their body & hair, wash then rinse thoroughly. To conserve, Add 4-8 squirts of our fresh out of the tub and 8oz. of water to recycled Foaming Pump. No foam pump? No worries! Pump a squirt into a wash cloth or puff and wash away!

Squirt 4-5 pumps under running water for extra fun with bubbles in the bath.

Extra Info

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This is our Soapy, Sudsy Baby Wash/Shampoo that will have babies smelling FRESH OUT OF THE TUB! This soap was specially formulated for little sensitive ones in mind. With its rich, fatty, tropical oils, not only will little ones stay fresh, but they will keep their super softness too!

BALM! Baby FRESH out of the TUB Baby Wash/Shampoo
Gentle. Safe. Fresh

  • 9oz / 280ml Recycled Aluminum with white pump
  • Organic and Natural, Artisan Hand Crafted in the USA
  • For Sudsy Fun, Add 4-8 squirts and 8oz. to recycled Foaming Pump!
  • Add a few squirts under running water for extra bubble fun in the bath
  • Baby Safe (Not a tear free wash - avoid contact with eyes)
  • Vegan & cruelty FREE! - Leaping Bunny Certified
  • No perfumes, No dyes; ALL natural ingredients
  • Great for babes with sensitive skin!  Moisturizes skin, helping with eczema!
  • (Pretty Much da BALM! Baby)


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