Teething Tincture vs. Teething Rub.....  What is the difference?

Teething Tincture vs. Teething Rub..... What is the difference?

We are often asked.... What is the difference between your Bye Bye Teething (teething tincture) and Teething Rub??

While both of these products work great for soothing your fussy teething little one, they each have their own benefits.

Our Bye Bye Teething Hello Sleep is best for teeth moving under the gums.  When this is happening it can cause baby to become cranky!  We all know, when baby isn't happy, nobody is happy!  Our Teething Tincture is infused with organic herbs that help soothe your little one from those soon to be erupting teeth.  This tincture is NOT just for teething time.  It works great anytime your little one needs help to calm and relax.

Our Teething Rub is best for teeth actively cutting through the gums.  It contains both soothing herbs and essential oils that will help with the pain.  This product is meant to be "rubbed" on the gums and creates a gentle numbing sensation which will allow your child some comfort.

Have all your bases covered and get the Teething Rescue Kit which includes both products!

Made with all natural and organic ingredients and packaged in amber glass.  Only the best for your precious little one.

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