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Functional fixedness: Why sustainability is good for your mental health

In psychology, there is a cognitive bias called functional fixedness. Ever heard of it?⁣

It is where we see an object as being functional for only one thing; we are limited to its original, traditional use.⁣

For example, when we finish a candle, we might think to recycle it or throw it out, because it is no longer functional as a candle. 🕯 ⁣

However, repurposing helps our brains escape such bias, and is a great exercise for the brain, and so, our overall mental health. ⁣

In fact, it has been shown that people who are flexible also tend to be great problem solvers, as they are able to ‘think outside the box,’ and are not as prone to functional fixedness⁣

Sustainability benefits our lives in so many ways. Repurposing helps grow our creativity, problem solving skills, and flexibility. Additionally, it helps break down our cognitive biases; sustaining our mental health.⁣

So, what could this candle jar be used for?⁣

Does it not resemble a cup? ⁣

What else does this picture, or your imagination, inspire in you for this jar’s next use?⁣

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