Does Activated Charcoal Ruin Teeth?

Does Activated Charcoal Ruin Teeth?

Lately, there has been a lot of question around activated charcoal being safe on the teeth.

 Basically, a study was done and found that charcoal can break down the enamel on teeth. ⁠Although this is true, it is with larger amounts, and using a lot, and it is not the case with our tooth powder.⁠

We use just enough in our formulation to benefit oral health, and not enough to damage enamel. The majority of our formula is full of herbs and other ingredients that soothe, heal, and even remineralize teeth, such as xylitol (which does have research to back up such benefits).

Please contact us if you'd like a link to the research on activated charcoal and enamel. It is important to read the research fully and carefully, so that all facts are understood about its safety and risks.⁠

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